Extra special photography of beautiful artworks

Between Christmas and new year, I was lucky enough to photograph the beautiful works of Serena Partridge. Living and working in Malton North Yorkshire, Serena crafts exquisite handmade shoes, gloves, figures, cakes and stockings - all in miniature. She delights in the use of a wide selection of techniques and materials, including vintage leather from old kid gloves, lace, embroidery, textiles, raw silk and paper. It is hard to imagine fully just how small Serena's creations are, the shoes measure just 6cm, the gloves are smaller the that of a child's. Working on this scale makes the intricate stitching and decoration all the more amazing, the precision of the meticulous details is astonishing, these are true works of dedication, love and passion.

Serena's work is currently on show at GooseandtheMoose in Malton, North Yorkshire. To contact her please see her website www.serenapartridge.co.uk