How to photograph water droplets - Intermediate

I taught a class last night on how to photograph water droplets. Here is a diagram that shows how it was done. For the droplet to be completely frozen the flash should be turned down to its lowest setting 1/128. This will make the flash fire for a shorter duration allowing the drop to be frozen. The shutter speed really doesn't matter for this task as it is the flash that freezes the motion. The shutter speed will only affect the ambient light which you want to try and eliminate. I used a speed of 1/60, but anything under 1/250 (flash sync speed) will be fine. I used my lowest ISO (less noise) and an aperture of f.8. This gives a nice clear image and makes the whole droplet in focus. The flash should be fired at the background, this makes the surface of the water reflect whatever is on the background meaning that you cant see though the water to the base of your tray. To change the colours of your image you could either change the colour of the background, add food colouring to the water, or change your white balance settings (this is what I did).