Google Business Photos - Trusted Photographer Leeds

A couple of years ago Google launched a new service in America called Google Business Photos, this allows businesses to show their customers the inside of their premises using an online virtual tour linked to their Google Places page (Think of Google Street View but for inside!) This has been tremendously successful in America with businesses using the service noticing a dramatic increase in customer traffic and sales. In December they brought this to the UK and have started by setting it up in London and Glasgow. They are now expanding their services to cover other cities, Leeds included. The way it works is, as a business owner you sign up for a Google Business Photos listing, they then show you a list of their 'Trusted Photographers' in your area. The photographers have been trained by Google to a very high standard to take the 360 degree photos of your business to create the virtual tours. You arrange a time with the photographer for your shoot, and then within a few days of the shoot your photos will be live on your Places page. The price of the service is to be agreed between you and the photographer depending on the size of the business.

In case you havn't already guessed it: I have been selected to become one of Google's Trusted Photographers! I am still going through my training but very soon I will be up and running and able to photograph your business to produce one of these fantastic 360 degree vertual tours! If you get in quick I am offereing a discount rate for my first 10 businesses! Email me to book your shoot.

Here is the link to find out more about the process:

Watch this cool video to find out how it has helped this business.