Will Google Business Photos boost your SEO?

Now this is a question I can't really answer with a Yes or No. In fact I can only hypothesise. But thinking logically... Google have launched this new service in the UK, they are pushing it hard in every city in the UK and are putting a lot of time, effort and money in to spreading the word and getting businesses to sign on to it. Therefore all Google wants to do is publicise the service in anyway it can. Who decides which restaurant from the hundreds in Leeds becomes the top of the search results on Google places? Google

Who has the power to change the order of these and promote those companies using their new Google Business Photos service? Google

Surely it is only logical to assume that Google will elevate those companies who's places listing includes Google Business Photos, in order to show off this to other businesses and customers. On top of this, as your own website is linked to your places page, traffic to your website can only increase.

So why not spare a little of your website and SEO budget, and spend it on getting Google Business Photos for your places page.