2014 In pictures – A flavour of my drink photography in Leeds

As well as food photography, I have also done a lot of drink photography in Leeds and Yorkshire too. Dirnk Photography-9279 Dirnk Photography-9340 Dirnk Photography-9349 Dirnk Photography-9474 Dirnk Photography-9560 Dirnk Photography-9575 Dirnk Photography-9742 Dirnk Photography-9746 drink Photography--2 drink Photography--3 drink Photography--4 drink Photography--5 drink Photography--6 drink Photography- drink Photography-7694 drink Photography-7710 drink Photography-7720 drink Photography-7736 drink Photography-7834 drink Photography-7849 drink Photography-7874 drink Photography-9553 drink Photography-9612 drink Photography-9861 drink Photography-9989