Beautiful jewellery photography for the contemporary jeweller Natalie Jane Harris

I was so excited when Natalie Jane Harris got in touch with me to photograph some of her handmade contemporary jewellery pieces. She needed some jewellery photography doing to update her website and show more of her current work. I have always been a massive fan of Natalie's work, and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph. We spoke about the look that she was after, and that it was important that all the rings were facing in the exact same way and angle. I suggested the slight lack of focus towards the back of the rings, accentuating the glittering stones at the front. The results are fab, and Natalie is really pleased! jewellery photography- jewellery photography--12 jewellery photography--11 jewellery photography--10 jewellery photography--9 jewellery photography--8 jewellery photography--7 jewellery photography--6 jewellery photography--5 jewellery photography--4 jewellery photography--3 jewellery photography--2

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