2014 In pictures - A flavour of my event photography in Leeds

What a fab year for Event photography in Leeds and Yorkshire. We start with Prince Andrew's visit to Leeds to see the Apprenticeship program...

event Photography-0142 event Photography-0209 event Photography-0241 event Photography-0379 event Photography-0743

Then we had a visit from Nick Clegg to see some new housing in Leeds, Leeds City Region asked me to tag along to document his visit. event Photography-1223 event Photography-1303 event Photography-1317 event Photography-1320

Halloween saw a fab face painting event in Crossgates Shopping Center

event Photography-4691 event Photography-4729 event Photography-4775 event Photography-4788 event Photography-4792

Nick Clegg returned to sign the Leeds City Region Growth deal.

event Photography-5763 event Photography-5773 event Photography-5778 event Photography-5782 event Photography-5786

The Hepworth Wakefield hosted an event called 'I Collect' inviting members of the public to bring their collections in to the gallery.

event Photography-7481 event Photography-7484 event Photography-7488 event Photography-7495 event Photography-7503 event Photography-7507 event Photography-7567 event Photography-7579

The Hepworth Wakefield hosted many exhibition openings including this one from Franz West.

event Photography-8237 event Photography-8266 event Photography-8292 event Photography-8332 event Photography-8521 event Photography-8541 event Photography-8792

Leeds apprenticeship program asked my to photograph the filming of their new advert!

event Photography-8734 event Photography-8798 event Photography-8822 event Photography-8927 event Photography-8931

I photographed the NHS Leadership awards

event Photography-9105 event Photography-9113 event Photography-9192 event Photography-9232 event Photography-9282 event Photography-9416 event Photography-9480