2014 In pictures – A flavour of my product photography in Leeds

I photographed the weird and the wonderful last year, there is no project too big or small for my product photography. I worked with many clients who only have a single item to sell, but have also worked with a jewellery wholesaler who had 3300 items! Whatever your requirements I pay the same level of attention and care to each shoot. product Photography-6958 product Photography-6843 product Photography-6789 product Photography-6749 product Photography-6724 product Photography-6721 product Photography-2154 product Photography-2135 product Photography-2092 product Photography-0155 product Photography-0152 product Photography-0145 product Photography--19 product Photography--18 product Photography--17 product Photography--16 product Photography--15 product Photography--14 product Photography--12 product Photography--13 product Photography--11product Photography-3182product Photography-3304product Photography-3546 product Photography--10 product Photography--9 product Photography--8 product Photography--7 Product Photography--6 Product Photography--5 Product Photography--4 Product Photography--3 Product Photography--2

Product Photography-