2014 In pictures – A flavour of my portrait photography in Leeds

I met lots of lovely people this year when photographing business and personal portraits all across Leeds and Yorkshire Portrait Photography--2 Portrait Photography--3 portrait Photography--4 portrait Photography--5 portrait Photography--6 portrait Photography--7 portrait Photography--8 portrait Photography--9 Portrait Photography- Portrait Photography-0943 Portrait Photography-0979 portrait Photography-1349 portrait Photography-1389 portrait Photography-1545 portrait Photography-2007 portrait Photography-2017 portrait Photography-2019 portrait Photography-2036 portrait Photography-2039 portrait Photography-2047 portrait Photography-3777 portrait Photography-3785 portrait Photography-3790 portrait Photography-4008 portrait Photography-4018 portrait Photography-4067 portrait Photography-4082 portrait Photography-4090 portrait Photography-6967 portrait Photography-7964 Portrait Photography-8905 Portrait Photography-8924 Portrait Photography-8934